Ata Tarabar Rail Freight

Due to the special geographical position of the region, Iran was as a gateway to the Russia, CIS countries, and Turkey and for this reason; Iran Railroad is special for customers.
Therefore, Ata Tarabar Atlas interaction to railroad experts and with cooperating active agents to offer the customers service.

Rail services and routs
Transportation of export, Import and transit shipments by types of freight wagons

Counseling and transport of export shipment from all permitted loading stations in Iran
To European countries, Turkey, CIS, Afghanistan...

Routing and counseling about to select the appropriate wagon and the wagon daily tracking

Transport of 20’ and 40 ‘Container to CIS as SOC

Express platform in Turkmenistan

Loading and unloading operation (Transshipment) In Bandar Abbas, Mashhad, Sarakhs, Sarakhs Special Zone, Sarakhs of Turkmenistan
Transport of Bulk, out of gage (Due to Route restrictions and portable by rail)

Counseling with Turkmenistan railway and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan & Russia expeditors
For rail transportation organization & manner

Providing covered wagons, high edged, refrigerated, cistern wagons and platforms for export and transit shipments from Iran to CIS and Afghanistan

Study for proper transportation route and selection suitable rolling stock

Setting up the wagons in route stations

Providing daily tracing reports

Servicing both north-south and east-west corridors, we handle differing cargoes such as:

-Food and agricultural products: rice, grains, tea and sugar
-Sulphur as well as other minerals
-Pharmaceuticals and related commodities
-More besides

With the rail link that was inaugurated in 1996 connecting the CIS with Iran and vice versa through Sarakhs, ATA Tarabar Atlas is one of companies to utilize the rail link and transport cargo by wagons.
The first wagons to cross the border at Sarakhs destined for the CIS were loaded with the largest shipment of different cargos from Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan.

another key point is that Ata Tarabar Atlas Rail Freight can help your company to put it another way.

Ata Tarabar Rail Freight

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