Ata Tarabar Multimodal

Multimodal Transport
Multimodal transport formed at least two modes of transportation. In this method, several types of vehicles are used. Our expert team has examined various shipping methods and offers the best solution.

One of the portable and short Route is as follows:
Transportation by ship from any POL to Bandar Abbas and from Bandar Abbas to Bandar Anzali (in Iran) by truck and from Anzali to any active POD, such as the port of Aktau (Kazakhstan) by ship

Our multimodal transport services are not limited to Caspian Sea routes. In another example, we can handle your shipments from the specified origin to Bandar Abbas and from there deliver to destinations in the Iran neighboring and adjoining countries, and adjacent by doing transship to trucks or wagons.

another key point is that Ata Tarabar Atlas Multimodal can help your company to put it another way.

Ata Tarabar Multimodal

as shown above Ata Tarabar Multimodal Help Your Company.

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